Set to give every installer’s product portfolio a subtle splash of panache, Astraseal offer a range of veranda styles perfectly suited to meet almost every homeowner requirement. Supplied using durable and robust all aluminium systems from the Milwood Group, this highly versatile solution works perfectly as a carport, porch canopy, smoking shelter and plenty of other useful home applications.

A veranda manufactured by Astraseal can create extended living areas for your customers to enjoy all year round, increasing property value while also remaining resistant to the elements. Due to a simple yet clever design, each veranda acts as a durable and aesthetically pleasing shelter that is quick and easy to install.

Fully weatherproof shelter structures ideal for any style home

Touting high levels of UV protection and an integrated roofing system that resists even the harshest rainfall, our verandas feature 35mm structured roof panels that can be supplied using either triple wall 16mm polycarbonate sheet or fully glazed glass with a block edged finish depending on budget. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fixings ensure longevity, and every system’s posts can act as a minimal or stylistic feature.

Each veranda’s roof has a variable pitch of between 2.5° – 45°, meaning you’ll be able to cater for even the most abnormal of building heights whether it be commercial or residential in nature. They can be supplied to cover the entire length of a property, with a decorative Victorian upgrade option allowing you to offer a more traditional look for structures that boast a classical aesthetic.

Designs and lengths to suit multiple applications

Available in a suite of attractive and eye-grabbing RAL colour tones, configurable roof panels, guttering styles, and lighting/heating options results in an aluminium veranda system suited to a variety of applications. From a simple carport that protects a prized vehicle, to a sheltered play area in which parents can confidently let their children play independently, verandas from Astraseal are very much what you make them.

Easy to install with generous profit margins

The system has been developed in partnership with one of the most prolific extrusion professionals in the industry, resulting in verandas that use an exceedingly simple fixing method to let you perform high quality installations swifter and easier when on site. What’s more, you’ll be able to do this with full confidence knowing that each product comes with a full 10 year guarantee and life expectancy of 25 years.