Are you installing windows that actually meet the fire safety standards?

Installers in the UK increasingly find themselves subtly taking on more responsibility. Not only that for their own benefit, but for their customers too. Thankfully, those included in our installer network can rest comfortably knowing that Astraseal has them covered, now proving so once again with a suite of fire-rated windows and doors.

Are you installing windows that actually meet the fire safety standards? You will be when opting to use us as your supplier.

Keeping our reliable network of installers covered!

A dedicated uPVC window and doors system that’s perfectly designed to prevent the spread of fire, RAUFERNO iterates on market-leading Rehau Total70 to comply with the relevant codes of practice under the Fire Safety Reform Order 2005. Simply put, once included in your product portfolio you’ll be able to install confidently that you’re meeting Building Regulation requirements.

This combination of Rehau design and our in-house manufacturing expertise, helps to assure that the best results are achieved every time, and always at a swift turnaround. It used to be that these windows and doors could provide up to 30 minutes of fire defence, but recent innovations now offer a brand-new 60-minute solution.

Windows and doors fully certified for fire safety

In addition to 2005’s Fire Safety Reform Order certification, further security measures achieved include BS476 Parts 20 & 22. Such approvals are made possible thanks to various technological integrations like embedded intumescent strips that allow units to expand in the event of heat, fire-retardant seals, and more. Less than a year following the Grenfell disaster, such innovation is an industry striving to improve measures and we’re glad to be a part of it.

This consideration is just as important for landlords to keep in mind as well as installers, and therefore we’re striving to spread the word. The system is useful for pretty much any building or development that houses residents, so installers who specialise solely in commercial, residential, or have the capacity to cover both can benefit equally.

Letting you offer homeowners the ultimate protection

In addition to RAUFERNO’s impressive fire-retardant qualities, the system maintains all the inherent benefits uPVC is naturally known for. This includes improved thermal insulation levels of ‘A’, effective soundproofing, low maintenance sensibilities, and excellent security options. No other uPVC system excels in all these areas with bundled in 60-minute fire protection, being the best solution to let tradesmen cover all bases effectively.

Industry-leading fire systems engineered by Astraseal in-house

Ensure that you’re kept ahead of the fire safety standards curve with RAUFERNO windows and doors from Astraseal. To find out more, feel free to contact a member of the team on 01933 227 233 or send us an online message for a free quote.