Acute Skypod

One of the industry’s most advanced skylight systems, the new Acute Skypod from Eurocell is 15 degrees steeper than the traditional Skypod featured in our range, rendering light to enter from a unique 35 degree angle. More cost-effective than most aluminium alternatives, the Acute Skypod is a must for any reliable tradesmen’s product portfolio.

A more steeply-pitched skylight from the Skypod range

Significantly more unique from Eurocell’s mainline series of Skypod, the new 35° pitch creates a result that is visually different and is able to be fitted within smaller apertures. For this reason, the Acute Skypod is more suitable for commercial projects such as schools, hospitals, and just multi-storey buildings in general. Up until now, applications such as these were forced to opt for costly aluminium systems, this new Skypod is more affordable but just as attractive stylistically.

Despite the inherent advantages the product now brings to commercial builds, the new design means that you’ll be able to offer customers a level of light in their home they never thought possible. If previously size limitations meant missing out, the Acute Skypod’s steep pitch and square format makes it ideal to fit spaces previously not possible before.

Exceptional light levels and exceptional insulation

Though steeper by a full 15 degrees, the Acute Skypod boasts the same stylish, narrow glazing bars and generous sightlines of use to residential properties. This ensures that end users will be able to experience some of the fullest natural light levels possible, still enjoying a fair level of privacy if integrated into a flat solid roof.

We supply Acute Skypods with self-cleaning, temperature controlled glass as standard in either Blue, Neutral, Bronze and Clear variants, rendering a U-value of only 1.0W/m²K achievable. This high level of thermal insulation is always an appreciated feature for both residential and commercial customers, acting as a helpful selling point and proposition.

Reach previously unreachable heights with the Acute Skypod

The Acute Skypod retains a contemporary design despite the significantly steeper pitch. It’s even easy to fit, with pre-drilled screw holes giving installers a far better time when working on-site. Everything needed to provide clients with a swift and high quality service is supplied in ‘out of the box’ fashion for your ultimate convenience.