REHAU Casement Windows

REHAU uPVC casementAstraseal offers versatile and energy efficient casement windows using REHAU’s high performance uPVC systems: REHAU Total 70 and GENEO. We offer casements in a variety of configurations and styles, including fixed casements, outward opening top, bottom and side hung vents, and connected casements to create bay and bow window designs.

In addition, all components of our REHAU casement windows are manufactured and assembled in-house, giving us complete control over the quality of our products.

REHAU Total 70 casement windows

Rehau 70mm Casement Windows

A high performance, low maintenance window system, casement windows from Astraseal manufactured using the REHAU Total 70 profile offer versatile aesthetics, excellent weatherproofing properties, and U values as low as 0.8W/m2K.

Available in Chamfered and Sculptured frame options, REHAU Total 70 casement windows are the perfect choice for conservatory projects and utilise Securistyle hinges and Maco locking systems for additional aesthetics and security.

  • Multi-chambered, energy efficient profile capable of achieving U-values of 0.8W/m2K
  • Can be manufactured with decorative or leaded glass to suit your customers preferences or match an existing design
  • Easy to fit, with full installation support
  • High performance, low-maintenance system offering excellent weatherproofing and sound insulation
  • Utilises Securistyle hinges and secure Maco locking
  • Available in the REHAU range of foils or sprayed in over 150 RAL colours

REHAU GENEO uPVC casement windows

REHAU casement windows from the Astraseal range are also available in the innovative GENEO multi chambered profile, which is one of the most energy efficient window profiles currently available on the market. With an 86mm profile depth, U values as low as 0.85W/m2K and an improved profile stability, REHAU GENEO windows are perfect for customers who require exceptional energy efficiency and for the demands of new build projects. What’s more, thanks to their enhanced thermal performance, REHAU GENEO windows can even reach PassivHaus certification.

GENEO is a modern uPVC system offering slim sightlines and is ideal for replacing old windows to improve a property’s overall energy efficiency.

  • 86mm frame can accommodate double, triple and quadruple glazing
  • Improved profile stability without the need for additional aluminium reinforcing means larger window sizes can be achieved
  • Thermally efficient system offers u-values of 0.85W/m2K and high levels of weather resistance and soundproofing
  • Utilises Securistyle hinges and secure Maco locking
  • Simple to install
  • Smooth and wood grain foils available as well as spray colour options in hundreds of shades

Available in various woodgrain foils and over 150 RAL colours

All REHAU casement windows from Astraseal’s product range are available in over 150 RAL colours, so that you can easily create the aesthetic you require. We also offer a range of woodgrain foils so that you can add a timber-effect finish to your new casement. All frames are sprayed in house for faster turnaround speeds, and better quality.


REHAU Total 70 Brochure – Download

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