Equinox Tiled Roof

Equinix Tiled Roof

Allowing tradesmen to offer homeowners the prospect of reduced glare, no condensation, less weather noise, and a usable space 24/7, the Equinox tiled roof from Eurocell is the perfect solution. It can be easily fitted to shape or model and offers energy efficiency that’s 10 times greater than a conventional ‘A’ rated window.

Rendering existing conservatories usable all year round

Equinix Tiled Roof

Because the Equinox roof does a great job at blocking the sun’s heat whilst still letting in natural light, your customers will be able to enjoy a more constant temperature throughout the year in a fully insulated space. Equinox is constructed through the use of insulation panels integrated within the structure, delivering low U-values of just 0.15 which helps to reduce energy bills.

When combined with the ultra-swift lead and turnaround times we at Astraseal are known for, offering the Equinox as your chosen tiled roof solution will allow to complete projects much quicker, allowing you to take on more jobs. The system itself has been specifically designed for hassle-free and straightforward installation, also serving to result in minimal disruption for customers too.

Smartly suited to all types of conservatory

Equinix Tiled Roof

Equinox tiled roof systems can be applied to any type of conservatory style, capable of being retrofitted onto even the most awkward of shapes. Whether it’s a small lean-to extension or a large-scale combination conservatory, pitched and hipped designs are entirely possible, taking just 48 hours to realise and complete.

Roofs can be fitted with premium slate tiles or standard steel tiles in a range of colours to complement any home. The internal surface of the roof can be finished with a modern plasterboard or tongue and groove timber ceiling, creating the feel of a typical home extension. Seven types of tile helps you to help homeowners achieve any desired look they crave, be it traditional, modern, or unconventional.

The ultimate soundproof tiled roofing solution

When compared to the Equinox tiled roof, polycarbonate alternatives pale in comparison with regards to keeping natural heat in and any unwanted noise pollution out. Particularly useful for tradesmen and installers that operate on homes situated along busy roadsides, peace and tranquillity is always guaranteed.