Modus slim sash windows

Modus casement

Available in a plethora of unique configurations and styles, slim sash windows extruded from Eurocell’s highly applauded Modus system offers end users an internally flush sash and external slim rebate whilst also offering the clean sight lines of aluminium. It provides an impressive thermal performance when compared to most other uPVC and aluminium systems at a wildly affordable cost for both trade partners and end users.

A premium product from Eurocell’s Modus range, slim sash windows are perfect for tradesmen wanting to offer beautiful visuals as well as exceptional performance at a relatively low cost.

A revolution in design, engineering and performance

Modus slim sash window

Modus slim sash windows readily achieve an ‘A’ rating from WER for U-values of 0.7 W/m2K despite featuring a lower specification of glass. This lower glass spec reduces the costs of double glazing by up to 27%, yet the inherent performance of the multi-chambered frame still means great energy efficiency is made possible.

Complete with full thermal reinforcing, argon gas filling and super spacer bars, the Modus system achieves these impressive heat retaining qualities are achieved with sustainability in mind. Utilising 50% post-consumer recycled material, it’s a feature unique to the Modus system that allows our trade partners to stand out to a niche market who are very focussed on reducing their carbon footprint.

The appeal of aluminium in a uPVC system

Flush sash modus windows

Opting for a Modus slim sash window from Astraseal means you’ll be able to deliver significant affordability over traditional aluminium systems as well as enhanced performance. Slim sash casements boast some of the slimmest sightlines found in a uPVC system, a defining feature for almost every aluminium system.

Having the potential to experiment with different internal finishes, slim sash windows offer a range of 30+ colour styles to meet the changing needs of homeowners. Ranging from Black Ash, Slate Grey and Cream White to more metallic tones that end users would expect from aluminium such as Asphalt Metallic and Quartz Platinum.

Slim sash window features

  • Internally flush and externally slim rebate sashes for a sleek profile and finish
  • Clean aesthetics that can easily rival competing aluminium systems
  • Impressive U-values that range from 0.7-1.1 thanks to multi-chambered frame
  • Available in top-hung, fixed and side-hung configurations
  • ’A’ rated by the WER as standard & engineered from 50% recycled materials
  • Reduced costs thanks to lower glass specifications and high performance uPVC