Eurocell French & Patio Doors

The ideal choice for clients seeking to seamlessly blend their indoor and outdoor living spaces, our range of Eurocell French & Patio doors give installers the freedom to create rear entrance doors to suit any domestic and commercial application. Manufactured in-house using high performance and flexible UPVC, both styles are the result of precise engineering practices to ensure shorter build schedules and swift installations for all installers.

French doors that make an instant design statement

French doors might be naturally historical by design, but with high performance uPVC Eurocell variants from Astraseal, their performance and operational benefits are everything but. Precision engineered using the Eurologik70 profile system, we can supply French doors in multiple sizes and configurations with U-values as 0.8 for superior thermal performance.

All benefit from some of the best air tightness and weathering performance available within a French door uPVC system, still resulting in an aesthetically impressive result that opens outwards effortlessly every time. This long-life protection from the elements means being able to offer clients the ability to enjoy optimum thermal performance and maximum light entry, along with a beautiful style for years to come.

Customisable and attractive sliding patio doors

Letting both installers and homeowners enjoy fast, hassle-free installations every time, Astraseal manufacture and supply uPVC patio doors using Eurocell’s celebrated Euroslide in-line system. Capable of matching the existing style of almost any property, we can provide our space-saving patio doors in either two, three, or even four-pane configurations to fit the widest of property apertures.

Enlightened living is never too thanks to the system’s sheer flexibility in terms of panel configuration and the ability to position windows either side to create even larger expansions of glass. They’ll glide effortlessly whenever required with just the right amount of force for easy transitions, and integral gaskets and knock-in bead systems allow for rapid installation times on site to let you complete more jobs quicker while retaining high quality.

uPVC panels tailor-made per project

Our entire selection of Eurocell French & Patio Doors come supplied made to order so as to ensure a perfect fit every time. This leaves installers plenty of room to add the perfect finishing touch, be that via am unconventional colour tone such as Rosewood or a suite of furniture options. Both methods improve each unit’s style and aesthetics, letting you cater for house designs both new and old.