Smarts Reversible Windows

Smart aluminium reversible windows

Cater for high-rise buildings and commercial structures

Allowing installers to offer modern homeowners 180° of reversible window action within an aluminium system, our range of reversible windows engineered using Smarts’ Alitherm 700 system expertly combines performance and function. Restricted access amongst higher-up properties will be a thing of the past when adding this product to your range.

Touting an aluminium sash capable of sliding and titling a full 180°, Smarts reversible windows maintains the high levels of thermal insulation the system is known for delivering while also facilitating a safe and easy method of cleaning without the need to leave the property. This makes them ideal for residents who live in a flat or high-rise building and often struggle to give their windows a wipe down.

A fully rotatable central aluminium sash

Reversible Window highrise

Whether intended for use as a replacement window or integrated within a new build structure, we engineer and supply each Smart reversible window with a 70mm depth of frame and the sleek sightlines aluminium is known for despite their innovative opening action. For any installer catering for those situated in multi-storey properties is sometimes a pain, but not with an aluminium reversible window from Astraseal and Smarts.

Highly durable and sleek Smarts alitherm 700 profile ensures that the sliding operation of the window’s sash itself is always nothing short of effortless and user-friendly. We manufacture each unit in-house to meet the highest standards, even when powder-coated to a specific colour tone efficiency, aesthetics, and security are never compromised.

Features and benefits of Smarts reversible windows

Smart Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Fully reversible aluminium window system that never obstructs inside space in any opening position
  • Available in a choice of standard and non-standard colours to suit every consumer’s house style and personal tastes
  • Slim sightlines and sleek profile assures that plenty of natural light can always enter
  • Incorporates internally beaded vents to accommodate both shoot-bolt or cockspur locks
  • Multi-chambered and thermally broken aluminium system for ‘A’ rated energy efficiency ratings
  • Easy to install with installation support from Astraseal