Smarts Bi-fold Doors

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Smarts bi-fold doors feature strong aluminium frames, which support large glass panes and offer slim sightlines for an unimpeded view, compared to traditional patio doors – and enhancing the appealing aesthetics of the bi-fold style.

The increased glass surface area also allows more natural light able to enter a building, making it appear brighter and bigger.

Fully weathersealed and thermally efficient

Visofold bifold door

Astraseal manufactures Smarts aluminium bi-fold doors, which use a polyamide thermal break to stop the conduction of cold through the frame and are fully weathersealed. Combined with our energy efficient sealed units – which we also manufacture in-house – our aluminium bi-fold doors can achieve higher levels of thermal efficiency than some PVCu systems.

Strong and secure aluminium bi-fold doors

Astraseal bi-fold doors use Winkhaus’ multi-point door locks. When the lock is engaged, solid hooks grip firmly into the frame keep rail and the locking points are securely locked into position behind the keep. This ensures the door leaf interlocks as tightly as possible, improving security by significantly reducing the chances of an intruder gaining entry.

Doors available in 150+ RAL shades

Astraseal aluminium bi-fold doors are available in a range of standard colours, including dual-colour options, which offer a scratch, fade and flake resistant finish. Frames can also be coloured in-house from our spray coating facility in more than 150 shades from the RAL range.


Smarts Bi-fold Door Brochure – Download

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