Rehau Doors


Acting as one of the industry’s longest running and most well-known uPVC suppliers, we’re proud to offer our trade partners the ability to offer high performance REHAU door systems that come expertly engineered and manufactured by the talented team here at Astraseal.

Comprised of the Total 70 uPVC door system, REHAU profiles let you take a flexible approach to installation, ensuring that every property benefits from the advantages they offer. All achieve Secured By Design status and meet PAS 24 security standards, giving installers an easier time when trying to comply with required Building Regulations.

REHAU Entrance Doors

Total 70 Doors

REHAU Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors

REHAU French Doors

French Doors

REHAU Stable Doors

Stable Doors

Entrance Doors

We provide REHAU entrance doors in the Total 70 uPVC system, allowing installers to cater for opposite ends of the residential spectrum. While REHAU Total 70 entrance doors act as an affordable uPVC option supplied in either Chamfered or Sculptured profiles.

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Bi-Fold Doors

Easy to install and perfect for installers seeking to offer homeowners the ability to create a feel of open plan living, REHAU Total 70 bi-fold doors seamlessly integrate into almost every style of property. With smooth-sliding uPVC panels that are effortless to operate, unrestricted access is always possible with this bi-fold system.

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French Doors

All our REHAU French doors use Total 70 profile, allowing us to supply these to the trade at competitive prices. Total 70 is available in Chamfered or Sculptured Frame options, featuring multiple chambers for the best heat retention. They all come manufactured in-house and supplied with toughened glass as standard.

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Stable Doors

REHAU Total 70 stable doors from Astraseal use the uPVC profile as a high performance outer frame in combination with a high density composite slab to create an attractive and inherently secure result. The design’s half opening action remains as user-friendly and efficient as ever retaining strength and rigidity.

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