Glass Units

Astraseal double and triple glazed sealed units are manufactured in-house. Significant investments in our manufacturing facilities -including machinery -allows us to produce high volumes of sealed units for windows, doors and conservatories with complete control over quality throughout the entire process.

Sealed glass units

We offer a range of different glass options and can manufacture sealed units to your exact performance and aesthetic requirements:

Energy rated sealed unitsEnergy efficient double glazing and triple glazing

Standard double glazed units and triple glazed units are manufactured using Pilkington float glass for the outer pane and Pilkington Optiwhite on the inside. To improve the thermal performance we use the TGI Spacer and Argon gas, and can supply windows which achieve a C to A Window Energy Rating.

Leaded and bevelled glass

If your customer wants a decorative design added to their new windows or door, we can manufacture sealed units incorporating plain or coloured bevelled designs. We also offer traditional leaded patterns and can create custom designs or match existing patterns for a consistent look across all windows.

Glass with lead detail and colour pattern

Beveled glass unit

Diamond leaded glass unit

Glass unit with pattern and colour

Glass coloured and leaded

Colour glass sealed unit with lead detail

Glass unit with beveled and lead detail

Glass unit with astragal bars

Safety and security glass

For installations where impact is a high risk, we can supply double and triple glazed units using toughened glass. From our state-of-the-art toughening plant we produce glass tested to European standard EN12600. We also offer laminated glass where a PVB interlayer holds the glass together until a replacement can be made.

Solar control and ‘Low-E’ glass

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Astraseal is a trade manufacturer of sealed units which maintain a comfortable room temperature and save energy, making them ideal for conservatory installations and to help meet new-build/Passiv House requirements. Our solar control sealed units reduce glare and deflect heat, whereas our Low-E glass reflects heat back into a room.