Eurocell Modus

The UK’s first fully integrated window system

Eurocell modus

Allowing installers to create a whole range of different fenestration types and aesthetic styles, the new Modus system from Eurocell is a cost effective solution for those wanting to offer the best visuals and performance to their customers.

Modus features the cleanest and most contemporary looks that today’s domestic market demands, providing end users with slimmer sight lines and exceptional thermal performance. Modus is the first genuine alternative to aluminium and timber windows at a significantly better value.

Modus system from eurocell on Vimeo.

Various Modus systems to suit any desired style

The Modus range has been specifically designed to help home improvement companies win new customers and reduce costs. This combined with Astraseal’s fast turnaround times and quality assurance process ensures installers have the best chance possible at winning new business.

  • Standard sash: Boasting slimmer sight lines when compared to other window systems on the market, Modus standard sash casement windows allow for multiple glazing options including double (28mm) and triple (44mm). All standard sashes are capable of achieving U-Values as low as 0.7, meaning you can offer end users superb thermal performance as well as sleek looks.

  • Slim sash: Modus slim sashes easily rival most aluminium systems, offering internally flush and externally slim rebated sashes for the ultimate sleek look. This window system also allows for a variety of window configurations to be created, including French windows. The affordability of Modus slim sashes easily beats out aluminium, having an enhanced thermal performance too.

  • Flush sash: An internally and externally Modus flush sash window offers end users enhanced aesthetics to rival that of traditional timber windows, capable of making exceedingly wide openings. It’s the first co-extruded flush sash available in the UK market, offering incredible energy efficiency when compared to timber.

High performance uPVC for maximum energy efficiency

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Whether you want to be able to provide end users with ultra-sleek aesthetics that help bring a contemporary edge or a more elegant traditional styling, Astraseal are proud to offer Eurocell’s Modus system to all of our partnered installers.

Modus represents the result of a £3 million investment in research and development by Eurocell to deliver the best window efficiency possible. It reduces double glazing costs by up to 27%, achieves U-values as low as 0.7 all whilst being conscious of sustainability, utilising 50% post-consumer recycled uPVC. A 100% post-consumer recycled uPVC version of Modus is also available.


Eurocell Modus window brochure (Trade)

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