Eurocell Skypod

Eurocell Skypod

uPVC Skypod skylights are one of the latest products that can enhance your business. Offer the end user a centre piece for their home, and one that brings enhanced natural light, style and performance benefits.

square Eurocell skylights

A great addition to your product line

Finally, you can offer your customers a stylish roof option without any fussy details – the clean lines of Skypod skylights are achieved thanks to a lack of crestings or finials. The skylights are a cost effective alternative to aluminium styles, and so are the ideal choice for homeowners that want a contemporary ‘grand design’ style home improvement, without the hefty price tag.

Not only do the Skypod skylights add an abundance of lights into rooms, but they can meet promises of more space. The fixed 20˚ pitched roof increases the height of rooms, leading to a bright and spacious feel – a look that many homeowners today want to achieve.

High performance Skypod skylights from Eurocell

Our reliable supply of Skypod skylights are designed by Eurocell. They offer a very low U-value of just 1, allowing you to promise thermally efficient living spaces to the end user. An equally important unique selling point to pass on is that the revolutionary window system is available in rectangle or square designs, and offers a range of customisable options.

This includes a choice of two or three bar gable pitched styles, a range of external frame finishes and clear, blue, bronze or neutral glass. Such choices can be passed on to your customers, and therefore help you to surpass the competition.

Eurocell: Skypod from Grin Creative on Vimeo.

A reliable trade supply for your peace of mind

Not only are Skypod skylights one of the latest home improvement choices available, and so a fantastic addition to your product line, but they are supplied via Astraseal’s efficient trade service.

We prioritise fast lead and turnaround times, factors that are achieved thanks to our industry know-how and experience.

Installation guide

Skypod Lantern Roof Installation from eurocell on Vimeo.