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A leading supplier of architectural aluminium systems in the UK for over thirty years, adding Smarts’ range of slimline and sleek windows to your product range means offering some of the best thermal efficiency and sight lines currently possible. Of value to installers serving both commercial clients and domestic homeowners, Smarts systems never fails to impress.

The benefits of a Smart window

Incredibly durable, weatherproof, and rot resistant, windows from Smart are easy to install and can be coloured to over 150 distinctive shades and tones, helping you cater to all. Improve your product range and stand apart from your competitors by supplying smart aluminium windows from Astraseal.

Smarts Aluminium Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Smarts Aluminium Reversible Windows

Reversible Windows

Featuring slim sightlines within a thermally broken system, smarts casement windows offer end users great energy efficiency as well as the open views aluminium is known for. Suited to a range of different commercial and residential projects, you’ll be able to complete jobs quicker and retain quality thanks to Smarts casement windows being simple to install with an ‘A’ rating.