Stratus Thermal Lantern Roof

New Stratus Roof Lantern from Experts at Astraseal

Engineered using hard-wearing and resistant aluminium, at Astraseal we’re proud to offer our partnered installers the ability to provide homeowners with one of the industry’s leading thermally broken lantern roof system, the Stratus.

Prioritising insulation as well as light entry

The Stratus thermal lantern roof has been specifically designed and manufactured to deliver some of the lowest U-values and highest energy efficiency performance currently possible with a lantern roof system. Available in 2-way, 3-way or more contemporary model designs, the lantern’s internal 24mm glazing and glass composite thermal breaks 533 times more thermally insulating than conventional aluminium.

The expertly designed Stratus boasts a fully thermally-broken ridge, eaves beam and rafters, all of which successfully come together to result in unbeatable lantern thermal insulation. Being 65% more efficient than conventional aluminium options, all of these innovative features ensure that any room in which it is installed never has trouble keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The market’s leading lantern system


Despite such a high degree of thermal insulation, the stratus thermal lantern roof is still able to excel in terms of all of the elements homeowners will expect, namely sleek design and generous light entry. As well as the expected ability to be coloured to any RAL colour, the Stratus can be fitted to a subtle 20 degree pitch utilising discreet cappings – the result is an incredibly modern and clean look

Hard-wearing aluminium makes it so that the system will be able to withstand and resist the harshest of elements for many decades to come, representing a sound investment with plenty of rewards to reap. We can configure the product with sizes up to 3m x 6m, being ideal for most conservatories or modern kitchen diner extension.

Meet the demand for high-end, high-performance lanterns roofs

With fast turnaround times, the means to supply anywhere in the UK and an in-house construction service that sees your product fully built then dismantled to guarantee quality, Astraseal’s efficient trade service is the perfect method to diversify your product range through the Stratus.

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