REHAU Tilt & Turn Windows

Rehau geneo pvc tilt and turn windows

Tilt and Turn windows offer the advantage of versatility whilst remaining simple to operate. They allow the option for the window to tilt both inwards as well as being fully opened in the traditional manner. This provides consumers with an adaptable choice in terms of how they operate their window.

Astraseal’s dual functioning tilt & turn uPVC windows can be made from REHAU profiles, ensuring every property benefits from the plentiful advantages they have to offer. This includes internal glazing, swift co-extrusion and various regulation approvals.

A REHAU uPVC tilt and turn window from Astraseal also comes standard with a 16mm eurogroove to ensure maximum choice of standard fittings, some of which include the tilt before turn option, as well as restrictors.

All of our REHAU tilt and turn windows are manufactured and developed under our own roof, meaning we always assure that the product is produced to the highest quality to satisfy consumers.

Superb looks and technical flair with REHAU


70mm frame cross section

70mm frame cross section

REHAU tilt & turn windows offer the stylish original German design of traditional variants whilst introducing many technological improvements.

Available in REHAU TOTAL70 70MM and REHAU Tritec 60mm, when opting to supply REHAU’s version of the tilt & turn window, we engineer these two window systems suitable for all property sectors.

If a chamfered profile choice is highly desired, the TOTAL70 is optimal. If slim sightlines are preferred by the customer, Tritec 60mm is a cost-effective choice. We can provide a REHAU uPVC tilt and turn window system suitable for whichever market you wish to target all with super-fast lead times.

Features and benefits of Rehau tilt & turn windows


REHAU Heritage tilt

  • Inward opening for effective fire escape and easier cleaning
  • Internal glazing options
  • Wide range of colour finishes available
  • Extensive range of supplementary profiles for any installation requirements
  • Galvanized steel-reinforced frames for sashes over 1100mmx1100mm

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