P-shaped conservatories

White conservatory package

Spacious P-shaped conservatories from Astraseal

Combining the elegant period aesthetics of a Victorian conservatory with the extra natural light of a Lean-to conservatory, the unique design of a P-shaped conservatory allows it to be used for a range of purposes. This makes it a versatile addition to most traditional and contemporary homes.

Innovative, dual use design perfect for larger properties

Named for their unique design, P-shaped conservatories are capable of being used for dual purposes giving them a versatility that sets them apart from other conservatory styles. Benefiting from a larger footprint, P-shaped conservatories from Astraseal provide extra usable space in a home whilst maximising aesthetics.

P-shape conservatory with polycarbonate roofMulti-chambered uPVC for enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation

Fabricated from the high quality, multi-chambered Rehau Total 70 uPVC profile system, our P-shaped conservatories are capable of achieving exceptional levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.

At Astraseal we can supply all of our P-shaped conservatories with 4mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing for improved levels of energy efficiency. We also offer a range of specialist glazing such as solar control and self cleaning glass from leading glazing company, Pilkington.

Rehau Total 70 P-shaped conservatories

Rehau P-shape uPVC conservatory system

Fabricated from the renowned Rehau Total 70 system, our P-shaped conservatories utilise a low-maintenance, multi-chambered profile design for added thermal efficiency

  • Made from the energy efficient Rehau Total 70 profile system
  • Spacious P-shaped design provides opportunity for dual uses
  • Made from easy to maintain, cost-effective uPVC profile
  • Can easily incorporate 4mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing easily
  • Specialist Pilkington glazing such as solar control and self-cleaning available
  • Capable of achieving U Values as low as 0.8W/m2K
  • Simple design makes it easier to fit custom roofs, including the Global Conservatory roof system
  • Available in a range of heritage colours such as Chartwell Green, Brilliant Blue and Claret Red
  • Also available in over 125 other RAL colours thanks to the REHAU Acryl II colour coating system
  • Versatile range of woodgrain laminate foils to choose from, including Rosewood, Mahogany and Golden Oak

Synseal Global P-shaped conservatories

    Easier and quicker to install, P-shaped conservatories from the Synseal Global range are perfect for installers who want to speed up their installations

  • Supplied fully fabricated for a quicker, more efficient installations
  • Ground up design for added ease of installation
  • All parts injected moulded for enhanced quality
  • Concealed gaskets for added aesthetics

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