5 tips for catering to a commercial project with PassivHaus standards in mind

Rehau geneo pvc tilt and turn windows

Here at Astraseal, we’re all about giving those who are part of our installer network the best advice possible to put their best foot forward. This can be particularly handy when wanting to cater to projects based in the large-scale commercial space, a sector where it’s important to meet all the appropriate security and energy levels required to protect the public.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take the time to highlight just some of the ways you can cater to commercial projects with PassivHaus standards in mind. PassivHaus being the world’s leading accreditation energy performance standard.

1. Install PVCu windows and doors engineered in Rehau Geneo

First and foremost, the best step you can take is to fulfil your commercial clients window and door requirements using Rehau’s Geneo PVCu system. We at Astraseal know the system like no other having manufactured it for years, but it’s also very recently where Rehau has renewed its membership to the PassivHaus Trust. The third-party body actively recognises the system’s ability to minimise energy costs by quite some way, all thanks to exceptional design and function.

2. Consider additional double or triple glazing

Another simple way of reaching PassivHaus certification for commercial projects is to install any products with additional glazing. Opting to have your windows and doors supplied either double or triple glazed goes some way to further reduce the building in question’s final energy usage, and Rehau Geneo in particular can be quadruple glazed.

3. Make the most of your supplier’s prompt delivery

A general rule for projects that are both domestic, residential, and commercial in nature, ensure that you’re able to meet your client’s need within the required timeframe using your supplier’s quick turnaround times. Thankfully when working with Astraseal, you can rest comfortably knowing that our dedicated fleet of vans can deliver any order swiftly to most parts of the UK.

4. Boast about your company’s PassivHaus accreditation

A factor that should perhaps go without saying, but if you’re an installer or improvement company looking to break into the commercial market, it pays to easily make your accreditations known. Passivhaus is just one of many you’ll be able to advertise when supplying Rehau Geneo from Astraseal but is absolutely one to shout about.

5. Accommodate a myriad of design preferences

It’s important for any installer to be flexible in order to better cater to the requirements of their next project. Rehau Geneo windows and doors take this up a level, maintaining the balance between style and high performance while retaining the configurability that PVCu is known for. Multiple shades, styles, and sizes are possible, letting installers achieve Passivhaus standards in any capacity.

Meet the PassivHaus standard with Rehau Geneo from Astraseal

If you’d like to learn about how to cater to the needs and accreditations sought after by commercial clients, feel free to call Astraseal on 01933 227 233. Alternatively send us an online message, and we’ll get back to you shortly.